Amy Issadore Bloom



In 2010, I started this blog as a way to fulfill a creative itch, and stay grounded.  It is my yoga, my easel, my Candy Crush. It’s never been a mommy blog, but I can’t deny how being a (stay at home) parent of two boys affects every aspect of my life.

Though I’m currently not in the classroom, being a teacher has largely shaped who I am, and how I view the world.

I write a column, First Person: Narratives from the Classroom for the Virginia Journal of Education.

Finding my professional writing voice has been one of the best things to happen. (Yes of course, not counting the “miracle” of my family life.)

At times, I’ve taken big breaks from the blogging, and questioned my larger writing goals.

Organizing/minimalist guru Marie Kondo has a simple criteria for deciding whether to keep something: Does it spark joy?

If I am truthful, despite the obstacles, writing really does spark joy for me. I hope that reading it brings you some happiness and satisfaction too.

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