Dr. Nanny

by Amy Issadore Bloom

The Sunday New York Times Style section recently ran a little story about the “Nanny Doctor.”

People pay Lindsay Heller $200 an hour to mediate with their nanny. We’re not talking about figuring out how to pay for taxes or health care, or sponsoring someone to reside in the country legally.

This is about mothers who not only struggle with letting go of the notion that their way is the only way, but who also fail to communicate their expectations to employees.

Women who complain about things like this: “She lets Joshua just lie on the floor while she’s drinking her tea. Put some pep in that step. Put the tea down.”

It’s not like this kid is 5 years old, he’s seven months old. What’s a little floor time so the nanny can relax for a few minutes during what is certainly a long and hectic day? As for the “pep” –  the nannies I see have far more energy and enthusiasm than we mothers usually do.

Women are waiting later and later in life to have children. Many are established in their careers, and financially successful. I suspect that a majority of the mothers who seek the expertise of Heller have climbed corporate ladders, founded charities, AND maintained their flawless slender appearance –  and yet, they cannot bring themselves to have a conversation with the nanny about healthy snacks for the children.

The irony of course, is that the people who likely need the most advocating, are those nannies.

That said, I commend Ms. Heller for the outreach she does for nannies – providing affordable weekly support groups, and helping these women learn to advocate and negotiate for themselves.

I imagine the piece in The Times will be great publicity for the Nanny Doctor’s business. If you have the money, why not pay someone to mediate with The Help?

Ideally, the article will motivate people with the resources and experience to do more outreach work on behalf of the nannies – who raise other peoples’ children in hopes of providing a better life and education for their own.




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