House in the Suburbs

by Amy Issadore Bloom


People ask us frequently if we are going to move. We live in a third story walk-up, and don’t have a ton of space, to say the least. Everyone expects you to move to a house in the suburbs once you have a baby. Or really, among certain well planned crowds, before you have a baby.

But, we’ve managed with our son. We love the neighborhood. We can walk to the metro, shops, restaurants, and the zoo. Our neighbors are nice, friendly, and helpful. It’s not a bad way of life.

Though I must admit, I had a moment of longing when we were in St. Michael’s this summer.  My son was napping, and my husband and I were sitting on the lounge chairs out back – talking, reading, dozing off.

It all seemed so perfect. I could picture that suburban life – preparing dinner while our son played out back, having morning coffee or evening wine out there….

No trecking down all the steps, no shared lawn across the street, no strategizing how to get the too many groceries I just bought up the steps.

The thing is, my friends with the house in the ‘burbs, probably don’t spend that much time enjoying their lovely little yards anyway. I can’t picture them sitting out back and relaxing. Maybe they do. But, I suspect the majority spend their free time running errands, fixing stuff, redecorating.

That moment I had, that vision of a different life, happens frequently on vacation. Even vacation with a toddler (though different) is still a vacation – no stacks of mail, no piles of laundry.

It’s just easier to let go of the big and little stresses and relax. That’s the point of getting away. The key is to create those moments of peace and contentedness more often in our daily lives, not just on vacations.


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