Kidz n the Hood

by Amy Issadore Bloom


On a recent field trip with my son’s school, I heard a preschooler in another class approach the big blue car at the playground and say to the other kids, “get out the car, b*tch.”

It reminded me of when my friend was student teaching, and a kindergarden student said to a classmate, “I will knock you upside the head on the ABC rug.”

Of course, we assume it’s poor parenting, it’s the community.

Or – it could be tv. Maybe it’s a teenage brother who is actually a dorky honor student messing around with his buddies. And, I do recall that “what’s up b-iatch?” phase my girlfriends and I went through.

When my son started saying, “Aw, man!”- we blamed it on school. Apparently, it’s from a character on Dora.

But, the intonation the little boy at the playground used to order his friend out of the car did conjure an image of someone treating a female badly, as opposed to say, a bunch of high schoolers racing to ride shot-gun.

I take away a couple lessons from all of this:

  • Our kids are always listening (and apparently have super-sonic hearing).
  • They are faster to mimic than we imagine.
  • Positive and negative influences are everywhere.
  • Some kids just have really shitty role models, and it’s up to the other adults in their lives to set a positive example.

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You’re right – we can’t be too quick to assume anything. But bottom line: that child should not have been using language like that. Hopefully there is someone in that child’s life to (like you state) be a positive roll model and provide some guidance.


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