Letting Elmo into Our World

by Amy Issadore Bloom


I’m sure it’s normal, but recently I’ve been wondering about my parenting ability. It’s probably because I’m doing the SAHM (Stay at Home Mom) thing, and like any other “job” it has its ups and downs. Only this one is way more emotional, and you can’t take a mental health day.

I constantly wonder:

Is he getting spoiled? Will he outgrow this obsession with elevators? Will he eat fruits and vegetable that don’t come in a squeezy pack again? Will he ever sit still? 

As for the last question. The solution, it seems, is Elmo.

We were those parents – and waited to introduce DVDs until our son was past two. Now, it’s a wonderful break for all of us, and frankly the only thing that keeps him focused for more than 30 seconds.

His favorite program is Elmo’s World. (Though, I have made my folks promise not to buy any talking, laughing, dancing, tickling or otherwise extremely loud and annoying Elmos.)

True – he’s learning about babies, dogs, and the farm! But really, what is the appeal of Elmo? Why do toddlers just love the little red creature? And what is up with that creepy Mr. Noodle character?

I found this article about Judy Freudberg, the show’s creator and writer, to be insightful. Freudberg was one of many creative minds we lost in 2012.

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