The Wanderer

by Amy Issadore Bloom

(from the February issue of the Virginia Journal of Education)

What happened to Andrew? one of the girls asked. I had lost track of time, and the bell was about to ring. 

“Andrew is missing,” I told the office. Missing? Lost? I wasn’t sure how to word it. It wasn’t that much of a shock, actually. He was just that type of kid. Fortunately, our administrators responded quickly to these “situations” and had a great sense of humor. Humor is essential in middle school, especially with a lot of at-risk students. 

I probably shouldn’t have let him go to his locker…

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i can’t read anything by a teacher’s experiences in the trenches and not have my heart twist a little. my oldest started middle school this year. it has been an adventure, to say the least, but the brightest part of his journey has been the teachers so obviously called to do the best work they’re capable of with a population that needs every last bit they can give them.
and what some of them need more than anything is a teacher who can recognize that they need more wiggle room, not less. andrew was lucky to land in your classroom, amy.



Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a thoughtful comment.

I am sure the teachers are grateful for your appreciation too. It might take a while, but your adolescent son will someday be grateful for all you do for him too! What a difficult age.



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