Trash or Treasure?

by Amy Issadore Bloom

It’s been embarrassingly long since my last post.

My mind is often buzzing with new ideas for essays and such; but an “active” three year old boy, and a still not sleeping through the night four month old baby are keeping me from any coherent writing (not to mention taking up a LOT of my time).

So, I decided to share some gems that I’ve come across on Freecycle. As the name suggests, it’s a listserve for folks to post stuff they are giving away for free, or find stuff they want for free.

Most of the posts are for things like furniture, books, or clothing.

I don’t even remember why I joined in the first place. I thought of removing myself from the list, but then I started looking forward to it – searching for the wackiest free stuff.  Like this:

Offer:   Hairdryer. Non-working.

Offer:   Fish sauce.

Offer:   Beat up bag of shoes.

Then this:

Offer: Trader Joe’s Frozen Turkey Meatballs
1 bag is completely unopened; other bag has been opened and 3 meatballs used. Pick up in Cleveland Park.

But the best by far…

                    Offer: 8 Month Old Black Cat – Male



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A cat would be *perfect* for you right now! Hurry and claim it!



A black cat too – in time for Halloween!



This makes me giggle, primarily the beat up bag of shoes (because I have a bag of shoes that are beat up that I need to donate. And now I want to put a tag on them that says these shoes are probably trash).



So nice to see your comment! I’ve been enjoying your blog posts.

You know, someone later posted a great idea on that listserve – to use the shoes for dog chew toys!Perhaps a shelter would want them. Still, it is pretty funny what some people just can’t part with, or think others will want.


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